State of the Salmon

State of the Salmon builds knowledge across borders, linking a greater understanding of Pacific salmon (genus Oncorhynchus) to their improved management and conservation around the Pacific Rim.

State of the Salmon (SoS) is a program of the Wild Salmon Center and originally launched in 2003 in partnership with Ecotrust. A key vision of the program has been to create international forums where salmon managers, scientists, and conservationists from watersheds across the Pacific Rim can learn from each other's successes and failures and work together to accelerate the adoption of science-based standards for wild salmon conservation. SoS also partners with international organizations to promote the adoption of practices for fisheries harvest and hatchery operations to ensure the sustainability of wild salmon populations.

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In 2003, SoS completed the first range-wide, map-based assessment for salmon. Today, we continue to synthesize data and facilitate dialogue in support of sound salmon management and conservation at ever finer geographic scales. A comprehensive set of goals and principles underlies the key initiatives through which we strive to ensure that wild salmon populations thrive long into the future.


Assessing the sustainability of salmon fisheries in Alaska, Russia, British Columbia, and Japan

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New Pacific Salmon Research
Points Toward Growing Risks
from Hatchery Fish

salmon hatchery
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Sockeye Assessment

IUCN Amendment released
and SoS "Visual Sockeye"

Visual Sockeye
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Salmon Recovery Tracker

SoS helps launch
a new website for
Oregon salmon & steelhead

OR Salmon Recovery Tracker
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