State of the Salmon

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To create our North Pacific maps, State of the Salmon used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools, which spatially represent data. GIS enables us to view data at multiple scales — from the panoramic North Pacific perspective down to the smallest stream reaches — with accurate resolution.


These maps were constructed for our 2004 publication, Atlas of Pacific Salmon.

If you would like to see the full map archive from the Atlas, take a look at the search results from Ecotrust's Inforain website.

Salmon Ecoregions

This series of four maps demonstrates the study of salmon through salmon "ecoregions" — a term we coined to describe a series of discrete watersheds, which have much greater significance to salmon than do political jurisdictions.

To locate salmon ecoregions, we modified the North Pacific landscape into a series of watersheds based on physical properties, particularly dominant marine circulation patterns, ocean production domains, and watershed boundaries. This template was used to aggregate some of the datasets we mapped in the Atlas of Pacific Salmon.

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